Our Cause

Share My Story Club aspires to entertain its audience along with generating the right measure of moral, social and emotional values. Especially, for the young ones who happen to be the future sculptors of our planet.

Our attempt is to never let the past fade (use the learning gained by experience), living in the present (learning the social and moral behavioral patterns while getting entertained)and welcome a life full of possibilities for a glorious future being a humble and positive citizen of this beautiful planet.

We look forwOur-cause_Imageard to inspire, to think beyond the mundane realities of the surreal surrounding us, into the realm of wonder world, where unachievable can be achieved. Do things that have never been done, heard or talked about.

These forays in the wonder world sometimes result into a seed plotted, in the human mind that the same human starts acting as an instrument, a catalyst to manifest this imaginary seed to reality.

“Each renowned inventor is a visionary who did not prohibit himself the luxury of, visualizing the impossible.”

-S Arora- Founder, Share My Story Club

In the end we invite all to join us carving a prospective, better suited universe for the warriors of tomorrow. Our, would be knights in shining armor and welcome the future wannabe authors to share their creative work with us. If you think that your talent is soul lifting and can bring a change, inspiring better ethical values, then please be a part of Share My Story Club family.