About Us

Story telling has also evolved, with the evolution of electronic media.

Share My Story Club is an attempt to explore all possibilities created by the electronic era to bring it’s audience the best of stories from all the genres possible.

On the other hand, it is also a platform for the authors who aspire to bring forth their imagination and talent; introduce themselves to the world.

In this competitive world, most of us are self centered with the entire world revolving around personal satisfaction and gains. However, there are a few, who dwell in a magical, fictional world created by their own brains like JK Rowling, RR Martin, Terry Brooks and Stephen King etc. Their imagination and talent has made their names indefinitely memorable. Their creations will be read, treasured and enjoyed long after when they will be gone from this world.

There are many more Rowlings, Martins and Kings out there who suppress their talents due to various circumstances and situations. We are all about joining hands with them and bask in the satisfaction of being a small stepping stone in their journey of success and happiness.

With our fingers crossed, we visualize and hope to be the platform responsible to introduce the next generation’s Walt Disney and Charles Dickens.

We look forward to welcoming artists and animators who want to share their stories in form of pictorial representation or videos.

We all grew up listening to wonderful stories about Bold Princes, Beautiful Princesses, Ugly Demons, Fire Breathing Monsters and Magical Fairies. Despite of ageing, we still feel a connect and belonging to that magical world, hence WE ARE ALL ABOUT MAGICAL, SPELLBINDING STORIES.

‘Never suppress your imagination because, your imagination might lead you to success, you never imagined’

– S. Arora (Founder- Share My Story Club)