Stories… Who does not like a good story?

Whether, you are a child listening to a bed time story or an adult watching a movie or reading a book; everything starts and ends on story.

Since centuries, sharing of knowHome_Page_Imageledge, learning & wisdom has helped us humans to evolve. Today, we humans are the dominant species ruling the planet only because of our capacity to love, think and share our knowledge to improve ourselves

emotionally, socially, morally and physically.

There aren’t a lot of people out there who would enjoy intense mathematical calculations or dive into a web of scientific formulas to unfold the mysterious modus-operandi of our universe.

Newton might have discovered the theory of gravity but, everyone understands it better because of the story about him observing the falling apple and wondering, why the apple falls down instead of taking flight. The story passed down from generation to generation and everyone knows about, how gravity works and who discovered it.

Stephen Hawking was a great scientist who made great discoveries too. He also made great contribution to the scientific world. However, there is no tale which will live for infinite generations which will help us remember him and also understand his discovery on the theory of relativity; the likes of Newton’s apple tale, which is informative as well, entertaining.

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